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Email Archiving

Email Archiving

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Email Archiving

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In today's business environment, emails have been legally accepted as a mode for commercial correspondence.  Any emails that contain legal or business relevant information are subject to a retention period, during which they must be properly stored and easily accessible. It is only with email management and email archiving tools that organizations can ensure uniform access to relevant information at all stages of business process.


Email Archiving Features


Easy and Flexible


Rules-based automatic or manual organization of emails captured using the Email Automation add-on

Save your email messages and attachments to Docsvault directly from MS Outlook

Store messages and attachments as separate documents and relate them in Docsvault to make them searchable independently of each other and still be related


Profile Captured Emails

Manually or automatically assign additional information (index values) to each email message. This helps you to search for email quickly at a later time and for e-discovery.


Classify and Organize email messages

Manually or automatically file the emails into appropriate folders. This is a way to archive emails based on projects, customers, year etc

Rapid Retrieval

Find email easily using Quick, Advanced and Saved Searches

Search email by its content using full text search

Securely share email

You have the power to share and control access levels to documents level in your repository while keeping sensitive documents locked and secure. You can chose whom to share email with and whom to restrict it from


Automatically route email

You can automate the email  for approval and review process by creating workflows. Docsvault Workflows will route the email to the users involved by sending them timely notifications and information they need to perform their tasks.


Email Security

Full audit trail setting on email records help you to track all the activities and tasks performed on an email.


Establish an Email Retention Policy

Docsvault Records Retention feature make it easier to keep email messages that are need to comply with organization policy, government regulation, or legal needs and to remove contents that are no longer has legal or business value.


Email Policy Compliance

Docsvault allows you to define and enforce email compliance policies for message content and email attachments. It can be used to reduce the time, cost and risk of electronic communication including the distribution of sensitive information like financial data, HR information, contract agreements and personalized customer communication and more. Automatically capture all incoming and outgoing email. Compliance with regulation such as HIPAA, SOX, SEC, Gramm-Leach-Bililey.


The flexible automatic email management solution with the document management system enables organizations to adapt Docsvault to accelerate and improve their business process.  An email management system ensures you that all documents relevant to business are centrally located and easily accessible. Additionally, all other channels of incoming documents can be included such as scanners, fax machines, office applications or from any other third party applications into Docsvault.