Edit Multiple Comments

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Edit Multiple Comments


Edit Multiple Comments


Clicking the Edit Multiple Comments button you can select a group of comments with the help of the mouse cursor.


To move the group of comments, drag the selected area with your mouse. To resize the group of comments, drag one of the resize (yellow) handles. To rotate the group of comments, drag the rotate (green) handle.


To edit the text, double click the text area and select the necessary text fragment.


If you right-click on the selected area the following menu appears:



Open Pop-Up Note. Opens the new or existing notes for all of the items. Your user name and the date and time of the notes are automatically entered. You may now enter any text you wish in the lighter portion of the notes.

Hide Pop-Up Note. Hides all of the notes.

Reset Pop-Up Note Location. Selecting this allows you to position the cursor in the pop-up heading and then click-and-drag the pop-up to a more convenient location.

Cut. Cuts the selected group of containers.

Copy. Copies the selected group of containers.

Paste. Pastes the copied group of containers.

Delete. Deletes the group of annotation’s containers (and contents).

Flatten. Flattens the group of containers in case you want to make it impossible to change them later.

Status. Defines the status of the containers.


Order. Allows you to set the order of the containers.


Align. Allows you to control the alignment distribution and size of the whole group of comments.


Apply Default Properties. Allows you to change the properties of the comments for the ones, saved as default.

Properties.... Opens the Properties pane for the selected group of comments.


Besides, you may change the properties of the comments with the help of the Properties Toolbar which appears at the Toolbar area when the group of comments is selected:



You can move a toolbar to a new location in or out of the toolbar area. To move a toolbar you should grab it at the left edge and move to the necessary place. If you drag a toolbar out of the toolbar area, a floating toolbar will be created.