Data Backup

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Data Backup

All the documents and associated meta-data are handled by the SQL server. So backing up the SQL server database for Docsvault will serve as a complete backup.


If the SQL server was installed by Docsvault installer, you can setup scheduled full and differential backups in the Docsvault Server Manager with advanced options like verification and maximum number of backup sets to keep. The backup storage medium can be a logical drive such as your hard drive, a separate storage device such as an external removable hard disk or a network storage device or share.
Default Backup Schedule


During the initial repository configuration, Docsvault will automatically schedule following backups at a location specified by you. You may change this later on from the Server Manager dialog.


Full: At 10.00 PM every Sunday of every week


Differential: At 10.00 PM every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat of every week


Total # of full backup sets to keep: 3


When using your own SQL server to host Docsvault database, you will need to setup the backups for that database. Any backup system that is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server with support for FileStream backup can be used.