Creating User Defined Index

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Creating User Defined Index

This section covers:


Creating User Defined Index Field

Editing an Index

Deleting an Index


Creating User Defined Index Field


You can add static index values by this option in Docsvault Server Manager as well as in Docsvault Client applications. To edit the indexes from the client application, go to Administration > Profile/Indexes

In Indexes tab, click on New button to bring up Create Index dialog box as shown below.

Enter a Index Name and a short Description about it.

Auto Options:

oEnable Set Doc. Relation to automatically set document relation between files and folder with the same index values.

oEnable Inherit Value to inherit the index value from parent folder. Values will be inherited for the same index field even if a different profile is assigned to the parent folder.

From the Index Type, select User Input radio button

From Data Type drop down list, select a value from Text, Numeric and Date.

Select Allow Unique Values Only option to avoid duplicate index values for Text, Numeric & Date index fields.

You can Set Mask to validate the index value. See Index Field Validation Masks below for more details.

Click on Save button to save the new Index.



note Note:

You can apply validation masks to User Defined Text index field only.



Index Field Validation Masks:

You can apply a predefined validation mask or create your own validation rule to verify that all data entered in an index field is correct (ex. social security #, phone # etc.) before importing or filing documents in Docsvault.


Validation Masks also allows to set regular expressions to match against the index field value. For example, suppose that you define an index field value that comply with the YYYY followed by string "INV" and eight digits (2014-INV-34789278) .


In this case, you would set up the custom validation mask using regular expression as follow:


^(19|20)\d\d[- /.]INV[- /.][0-9]{8}$


This expression will match a year in YYYY format between 1900-2000 (19|20)\d\d with a seperator '-' [- /.] followed by string INV and

eight digits [0-9]{8}



Editing an Index

Select an Index from the list and click on Edit button

In the edit dialog box, make the necessary changes

Click on Save button to save the changes


Deleting an Index

Select the Index from the list and click on Delete button

This will display the confirmation message

Click Yes button to delete the Index


important Important:

You can change the data type of an Index from Numeric/Date to Text data type. Note that once converted it is not possible to convert it back to Numeric/date data type.

Only Text data type indexes can be converted from Static to User Input and vice versa.