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Creating Dynamic Indexes

Creating Dynamic Indexes

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Creating Dynamic Indexes

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You can define the format in the Dynamic Index fields to automatically fill up the index values based on current date/time or current username. You can also set auto increment/decrement for numeric index values (ex. for auto increment of revision #).


Creating Dynamic Index Field

You can create/edit dynamic index values from both the Docsvault Server Manager as well as the Docsvault Client. To edit the indexes from the client application, go to Administration > Profile/Indexes

From the Indexes tab click on New to bring up Create Indexes dialog box as shown below

Enter a Index Name and a short Description about it

From the Index Type, select Dynamic radio button

    Assign dynamic values for data type index

You can predefine a format to dynamically assign dates/time, email ID and current username value for an index value during the import process. (ex. For Invoice# <YYYY> / INV /<MM>/)


                              Assign dynamically dates for date type index


Auto increment/decrement for Numeric data type index

Docsvault allows you to automatically increment or decrement sequence for an index value. You can apply the sequence using the following increment scheme:

Numbers ex: 1, 2, 3 or 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

For example this feature can be used to track a count or depleting stock.


Auto increment/decrement for Date data type index

You can set to automatically increment or decrement current date by n number of days for an index value.  

Click on Save button to save the new Index.


You can even lock an index value to prevent further editing once it has been assigned during the import process by enabling the 'Locked' option.