Creating a New Cabinet

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Creating a New Cabinet

Create a new cabinet


The Cabinet in Docsvault is the highest level of the hierarchical tree. Similar to your physical filing system the hierarchical tree consists of a Cabinets containing Folders that contain Files.


Creating Cabinet using Cabinet wizard helps the administrator to create a new cabinet and systematically assign proper settings like auditing, available profiles, security, alerts etc.

Select Documents node from the tree view panel.

Right-click on Docsvault from the tree view panel to display the popup menu. Click on New Cabinet.


Creating a new cabinet


In Cabinet Wizard setup,  enter the Cabinet Name and Description and select an icon of your choice.


Clicking on the Next button will take you to individual tab where you can set up default profiles, user/group access permissions, mark events to be logged for activities and for email alerts, customize the folder sections and the way file attributes should be displayed in Details view mode under this cabinet.


Then click on Finish button to create a cabinet.


doc_security Security:

The Users with the system rights of 'Create Cabinets' can create a cabinet and can have full rights (Ownership) on it.


The Administrator user will be able to see everything in Docsvault