Creating Document Links

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Creating Document Links

Creating Document Link


Docsvault allows you to place related documents together that would not be stored in the same folder.  This allows users to quickly organize documents into logical groups based on the context of the document.


For example:

Consider two related documents: previous year annual budget and  current marketing budget or  price list and sales invoice. Creating a link of the price list file in sales invoice folder will allow users to quickly create document to document relationships without having to go to the source location.

Right click on the file and from the pop up menu click on Create Link  Or

  Click on 'Place a New link in...' on the bottom panel.


Create Link


In the dialog box, select the cabinet / folder where you want to place the link.

Linked from tab at the bottom will list all the links created for the file.

A 'Link' file with an extension .lnk will be created in the selected cabinet/folder with shortcut icon on the top left corner of the document icon. You can rename the 'Link' (shortcut) file created. Right click on the file and select 'Rename'.


Linked file


note Note:

When you delete a link file, the original item is not deleted. It still exists in Docsvault in its original location but if you delete the original file, all the related link files will be deleted automatically.


The file properties of  the original file will be displayed when its link files are selected.