Using Copy & Paste

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Using Copy & Paste

Copy and Paste a document using Window Explorer


From Windows Explorer highlight the file or files to be added to Docsvault.

Select the Folder in Docsvault to copy to.

Right click on the Folder icon or in the Folder Window to bring up a menu and select Paste.

In Import files and folders dialog box, Choose a Profile from the drop down list or use the folder's default Profile.

Enter index information into data fields.

Select the Folder Sections from the drop down list.  Note that the Folder Sections will be available only if it has been set on the destination folder.

Enter the short description.

Check the box next to 'Delete source files and folders after successful import'  in order to delete the original files and folders from your local computer after successfully importing them into Docsvault.

'Keep original system dates', select this option to keep original system dates for imported files and folders. If not selected then the imported date is applied to the files and folders.

Click on Import button to begin importing your documents.