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Client login

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Client login

Running the Docsvault client for the first time:

The first time you run the client program, you will be prompted if you want to enable Docsvault Plugins into Microsoft Office Applications. Enabling this will add a separate toolbar for Docsvault in MS Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.



Docsvault Plugins



Since this is the first time you ran the client, you will need to tell Docsvault Client where to find the Docsvault Server. When prompted enter the host name or IP address of the machine running the Docsvault Server software in your Network. This is the only time the client will ask you for this information.




Specify Server Name


Client login

Before you can log into Docsvault system, you need to provide a valid username and password. Enter the username and password created by your Docsvault admin.



User Login


  Log me in automatically:  If you would like Docsvault to remember your password, check the log me in automatically checkbox


If you are in a domain based network and your windows username was used to create your login in Docsvault (Active Directory Authentication), select the checkbox next to Login as Current Windows User to automatically login without this login prompt. The next time you use Docsvault, you will be authenticated automatically.


Click on the Option button to display other options. This section will allow you to enter the Docsvault Server name to establish the connection with a new Docsvault Server.


warning Warning:

The Operating Systems inbuilt or any other firewall application can prevent Docsvault Clients from communicating with the server software. Please allow the client executable file to pass through you firewall. For more information on connection related issue, click here.



note Note:

The user can change his/her own password and profile by using 'Edit my profile' from the 'Tools' menu in the client.