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Backup Database
Even the most reliable computer is subject to break down eventually. All professionals recommend that you take backup of all your files.

For this very reason Docsvault includes various options for backing up your data including automatic backups. You can schedule a backup so that it will run unattended at a specific time or frequency. The backup storage medium can be a logical drive such as your hard drive, a separate storage device such as an external removable hard disk or a network storage device or share.

Backup and Restore can only be taken/setup from the Server Manager on the server side.


important Important:

Do not take backup on the same physical drive as the repository folder because if this hard drive fails you will lose both the current data and its backup.

Always verify that your backups were completed successfully. Nothing is worse than a corrupted backup when you need to restore your data.


  warning Backup Warning:


If the SQL server in use was not installed by Docsvault and Docsvault is using a user specified database, it cannot perform a backup of the repository as it does not have direct access to the Database file. In such a case you will be responsible to backup Docsvault Data regularly.
To backup Docsvault manually please backup the following two:


a.SQL database for Docsvault


b.The repository folder 'DVSB Data' where all files are stored




Docsvault performs the DBCC integrity check of the database before performing backup operations. A warning message is displayed if the DBCC integrity check fails for any reason.


There are two ways to take backups in Docsvault:


Manual Backup

Docsvault will backup the repository on the selected location. For more information see Manual Backup


Automatic Backup

Docsvault Scheduled Backup utility will automatically perform backups of your repository as per the set schedules. For more information see Automatic Backup





Backup on Local/Network location