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Auto CAD File Management

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Auto CAD File Management

Auto CAD drawing management in Docsvault


Docsvault's intuitive integration with leading Autodesk  AutoCAD application provides a unique solution for CAD drawing management in Docsvault.


CAD Project files, including drawings, reference files (XREF's) blocks and images can be managed in the same way as any document stored in Docsvault.  Common document management features are available from Docsvault toolbar plugged in Autodesk AutoCAD:


Save an AutoCAD drawing to a Docsvault repository

Check drawings in and out, and undo checkouts

Save a drawing as a new document

Open a drawing for reference in a read only mode


If the users do not have the AutoCAD application available, they still can open, view and print drawings using Docsvault's integrated Document Preview that supports all popular document file formats, including compound documents like graphic & engineering drawings and designs.