Audit Trail

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Audit Trail

View Audit Trail Logs

Audit logging can be configured to record all events and actions happening on all documents in the repository or selective actions happening on specified documents. These records can then be queried by the administrator or authorized users to trace the events performed on documents by any user. This node helps you to query such audit logs with various filters to narrow down your log results.


Query Audit Trail Logs

Select Audit Trail node in Docsvault Server Manager  

To query for events occurring between 'specific dates'..., specify a date range in Date From and Date Through box. If you want to query all records irrespective of the dates, leave the date boxes blank.

If you would like to see a list of actions performed by any particular user, select the user name from the drop down box next to Filter by User.

To query for actions done against the files or folders, from the drop down list next to Events, select any particular event or events.

To query for actions done in a particular folder, select the path of the folder to view all the actions against all the files stored in that folder.

Now click on Query button to see the results  




Audit Trail Query




Audit Trail log


Audit Trail log can be exported as csv, xls,xlsx, xml and pdf file format.


This dialog is also available to authorized users from the client side under Tools > Query Audit Trail.