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Autodesk Integration

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Autodesk Integration

AutoCAD File Management

Docsvault’s intuitive integration with leading AutoCAD application provider –‘Autodesk’ means consulting engineers, structural designers, architects and all the allied industry professionals can now manage their CAD project files more easily. This unique solution for CAD drawing management goes beyond storage, sharing and retrieval, as it allows you to completely control and follow the design change process and management.

What it means for you?

The benefits of AutoCAD drawing management are endless. Docsvault’s tight integration with Autodesk means all your important drawings are secured at one place, where you can view, print and keep a close watch over the changes through version history and notes. This means fast access to the correct versions, which is of utmost importance as a large number of documents and versions are created for approval and sent to clients, associates etc. Docsvault’s AutoCAD integration ensures that you are well equipped with work files, status and pointers through an automated workflow system as you deem fit for your organization.

Fast Facts

  • A simple way to keep track of your AutoCAD drawings and revisions
  • View your drawings in Docsvault even if you don’t have AutoCAD applications installed
  • Quick search and retrieval to ensure all your drawings and related documents are instantly available to you