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Marion County Public Health

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Project Description

It has been a great alternative for our office, much more efficient than using traditional paper charts and filing cabinets.
Rachel Cecil, Assistant Director, Marion County Public Health

Marion County Public Health

Marion County Public Health Department provides health guidance and enforcement for citizens so that they can make informed choices regarding their health and wellness, strive for a clean and safe environment.


Marion County Public Health Department was using traditional paper charts in filing cabinets for their document management needs. It wasn’t very user friendly as they dealt with a lot of paperwork in their daily routine. It consumed a lot of time and energy both filing and retrieving documents.


Their document management became a breeze after they implemented Docsvault document management system. It helped them scan and store documents faster and with much more ease. The merge and assemble documents feature has been of great help to them.


Any organization dealing with healthcare concerns is bound to have a lot of filing and paperwork as a part of their daily routine. It takes away a lot of time which could otherwise be utilized for focusing on the core activities. Docsvault helped Marion County achieve this by streamlining their document management processes.

Docsvault replaced the cumbersome task of paper & chart filing and cabinet management with a streamlined and easy electronic document management system. Marion County was able to scan all their documents and store them electronically and find them easily without having to sift through tons of papers.