We all have a few laughs when we hear silly old wives tales or myths. If you kill a spider in a room, it will rain outdoors. If you make a wish over burning onions, it will come true. These myths tend to spread faster than the truth.  However, sometimes myths can prove to be costly. Here are a few myths about document management solutions that have proven to be costly for some organizations.

1)      The more expensive a technology, the more useful it will be

2)      Everyone is buying it, so it must be good

3)      Our industries are different, so we need a different solution

4)      More features give better value for money

5)      Document management software should help in only that, managing documents

6)      Management software are fancy gimmicks for big companies with big wallets

7)      Our employees don’t know anything about software

8)      Software solutions waste more time than saving it

9)      Document management software  pose security threat

10)   Software upgrades are a way to mint more money

In the next part, we will reveal the truth behind all these myths, so you too can have a good laugh and avoid mistakes that some organizations made.