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13 03, 2019

5 benefits of keeping your data On-Premise

No matter which industry you are in, your company produces and stores massive amounts of data. This data is critical to your organization's daily functions and will grow as the company grows. Of course, there are several ways to store data, including on-premises and the cloud, but companies are often caught between two [...]

27 03, 2015

Hypothesis: 3 Common Document Management Problems & Solutions – Part 1 of 2

#Problem 1: Lack of Co-ordination Samuel recently joined as the marketing manager in a fairly new manufacturing company. He was excited with the opportunity as the prospects for him in this growing company seemed abundant. So far he had worked in large companies where he couldn't see himself growing. However, soon he was disillusioned. Everything [...]

24 12, 2012

Strategic Document Management: Keeping Things Simple (Part 3)

This is the third and final part on strategic document management. In the first two parts we learned how to start with Docsvault so you can manage your documents and files effectively. In this part, we will learn how to manage your records, so you can achieve regulatory compliance too. Physical Records Management The first [...]

25 08, 2012

Backups Are Always Forgotten Until They Are Needed – Not Anymore

Most big companies have system administrators who are supposed to take care of performing regular backup and checking its validity. However, despite having system administrators, taking regular backups and performing regular checks – some data goes missing mysteriously. In small companies the scenario is quite different. Here employees are responsible for taking care of their [...]

20 11, 2011

Document Management Software for a Smart Office

If you adopt best practices at work, you can improve work, communication, security, customer handling, and document management in general. Docsvault, document management software can enhance most of these functions, improve productivity, and cut costs at your workplace. How to make your office a smart office? There are many ways to convert to a [...]