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5 Major Differences Between Document Management and Records Management

The major difference between Document Management and Records Management lies in the entity being managed i.e. document or records. Documents are any documents created within an organization or brought into it during day to day business activity. Records are important contracts, tax documents, government / legal notices and documents etc. By this classification, we can [...]

Big Data Storage V/s Data Retention

Reframe Record Management for Big Data The volume, variety and velocity of data are increasing by the day. The cost of storing this data is also increasing at the same speed. Moreover, not all the data stored is giving some kind of value to the business. The value of data can be [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Records Management

Top 10 Benefits of Records Management Get Started Free What is Records Management System? Record Management System, also known as electronic records management, is a very important part of an organization’s document management policies. It helps organization to systematically manage records throughout its lifecycle, from creation to distribution to [...]

Strategic Document Management: Keeping Things Simple (Part 3)

This is the third and final part on strategic document management. In the first two parts we learned how to start with Docsvault so you can manage your documents and files effectively. In this part, we will learn how to manage your records, so you can achieve regulatory compliance too. Physical Records Management The first [...]