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Document Management for the Growing Millennial Workforce – Part 2

Last week we discussed about keeping your remote millennial workforce happy with Docsvault document management software. But what about your in-house staff? Our document management system is designed to keep users organized and happy; let’s see how: 1) Open and Effective Communication According to a study, over 40% of millennials want feedback every week, this [...]

Implementing a Document Management System – Not Conditional on ROI

Companies around the globe are in a perennial race to be more successful and invest heavily in new technology and talented personnel to achieve that end. This strategy has been slightly affected in these times of global recession and cautious recovery. Now, companies have grown a natural instinct for cutting expenses, saving money and sticking [...]

13th Installation by Samaritan’s Purse: We are Overjoyed

It is with lots of gratitude and happiness we announce that Samaritan’s Purse, our client has purchased our document management software for the 13th time. Samaritan’s Purse chose Docsvault to manage their documents and have now successfully started converting all their branches into paperless offices. This is their 13th purchase and their 13th office going [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Going Paperless

A lot of people think that “going green” and “paperless office” are some kind of passing fad. Small companies are more skeptical about these concepts. However, these are much more than concepts. It is as important to create a paper-free environment, as it is to use electricity-saving gadgets. Just as electricity gadgets help you cut [...]

Paperless Document Management Software

Docsvault Spreads a Word to Go Paperless Think Green, Think Docsvault Docsvault document management software considers helping industries to go paperless as one of its biggest responsibilities. It is committed to spread a word around, educate, persuade and help companies to adopt a paperless office environment. More paperless offices means more trees [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Go Paperless

There are many reasons to go paperless and use document management software (DMS) aside from preserving our planet. You won’t have to look far and wide to see the benefits of using DMS, as some of the benefits will be immediate and happening right in your office. 1) If the statistics from the Environmental Protection [...]