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Document Management System Report

Productivity and Profitability Analysis with DocsvaultFor every business, improving process and productivity is a constant and inevitable challenge. We have a number of tools that help in the mapping process, quality, and productivity in various industries. These tools help us to gather data and analyze them to track productivity.For instance, labor productivity reports can help [...]

Implementing a Document Management System – Not Conditional on ROI

Companies around the globe are in a perennial race to be more successful and invest heavily in new technology and talented personnel to achieve that end. This strategy has been slightly affected in these times of global recession and cautious recovery. Now, companies have grown a natural instinct for cutting expenses, saving money and sticking [...]

Hypothesis: 3 Common DM Problems & Solutions – Part 2 of 2

This article is continued from the previous Hypothesis article. In case, you have missed it, please read it to understand the solutions here better. Samuel was not only ambitious but a problem-solver. Once he found the root of all problems, finding the solution was easy. He quickly called a meeting with all departments and listed [...]

Ten Myths about Document Management Solutions

We all have a few laughs when we hear silly old wives tales or myths. If you kill a spider in a room, it will rain outdoors. If you make a wish over burning onions, it will come true. These myths tend to spread faster than the truth.  However, sometimes myths can prove to be [...]

Do small companies need document management software?

Small business owners often wonder if their companies can benefit from document management software. Only when proven useful in big companies, small companies move forward to adopt new technologies and software. A very simple example would be the use of ERP software, or PBX phone systems. While at the outset, these seemed to be a [...]

Smooth Organization Spells Success for Business

It is an undeniable fact that in order for every business to operate smoothly, every department must function properly and to function properly they need to be well managed and organized. The responsibility of ensuring smooth organization lies in the hands of top management. They need to invest in tools that help their employees to [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Going Paperless

A lot of people think that “going green” and “paperless office” are some kind of passing fad. Small companies are more skeptical about these concepts. However, these are much more than concepts. It is as important to create a paper-free environment, as it is to use electricity-saving gadgets. Just as electricity gadgets help you cut [...]