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10 07, 2012

Make Your Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder

Once upon a time there was a kingdom (read office) where lived a slavemaster. This slave master made all his slaves (read employees) toil from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Slowly, all his slaves fell ill one by one and the kingdom was conquered by another king. Moral of the story: Make your [...]

30 05, 2012

Do small companies need document management software?

Small business owners often wonder if their companies can benefit from document management software. Only when proven useful in big companies, small companies move forward to adopt new technologies and software. A very simple example would be the use of ERP software, or PBX phone systems. While at the outset, these seemed to be a [...]

16 05, 2012

Smooth Organization Spells Success for Business

It is an undeniable fact that in order for every business to operate smoothly, every department must function properly and to function properly they need to be well managed and organized. The responsibility of ensuring smooth organization lies in the hands of top management. They need to invest in tools that help their employees to [...]

20 03, 2012

How to Improve Productivity with Outlook Integration Feature?

MS Outlook is an excellent tool to communicate and collaborate within and outside an organization. Millions of organizations use Outlook for email exchange and collaboration. Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on this tool, which is why Docsvault provides integration with MS Outlook. This integration allows Docsvault users to improve productivity and ensure smooth collaboration. [...]