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19 04, 2017

Email overloaded? Docsvault’s Document Request Links to the Rescue

Docsvault has introduced a very interesting feature - Document Request Link. This new feature makes it easier to receive files from anyone and will be available to all Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate users in the latest v 10.3. You can now request multiple people to upload documents to a specific Docsvault folder. All you need [...]

21 01, 2013

Five Reasons Why You Need Online Document Management

The world we knew changed a few decades back when the internet was introduced. The web changed the way we communicate, share and work. For almost everything we do today – pay utility bills, talk with friends and family, buy stuff – we use the internet. So why not use it to manage documents? Docsvault [...]

10 11, 2012

Strategic Document Management: Keeping Things Simple (Part 2)

In the last article, we discussed how to devise a filing policy, define roles and responsibilities of users and preparing filing structure for strategic document management that’s as easy as eating a piece of cake. In this chapter, we will discuss how to lay down naming standards and conventions for documents, establish security policies and [...]

18 08, 2012

Never Miss Out on an Important Email with Docsvault

With high volumes of emails arriving and being sent each day, it is important that an organization has a structured approach to stay on top of incoming and outgoing emails. Lost or overlooked emails can prove to be expensive. Imagine missing an important email from a prospective client amidst the clutter of other task-related emails [...]