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Email overloaded? Docsvault’s Document Request Links to the Rescue

Docsvault has introduced a very interesting feature - Document Request Link. This new feature makes it easier to receive files from anyone and will be available to all Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate users in the latest v 10.3. You can now request multiple people to upload documents to a specific Docsvault folder. All you need [...]

Docsvault Email Templates

Stop copy-pasting emails. Use Docsvault’s email templates to save time and maximize efficiency. Many times you may have noticed your team making blunders while sending the same kind of emails by copy-pasting their old emails in order to save time. Docsvault provides an innovative solution, viz. Email Templates, which makes creating and sending repetitive [...]

Five Reasons Why You Need Online Document Management

The world we knew changed a few decades back when the internet was introduced. The web changed the way we communicate, share and work. For almost everything we do today – pay utility bills, talk with friends and family, buy stuff – we use the internet. So why not use it to manage documents? Docsvault [...]

Strategic Document Management: Keeping Things Simple (Part 2)

In the last article, we discussed how to devise a filing policy, define roles and responsibilities of users and preparing filing structure for strategic document management that’s as easy as eating a piece of cake. In this chapter, we will discuss how to lay down naming standards and conventions for documents, establish security policies and [...]

Never Miss Out on an Important Email with Docsvault

With high volumes of emails arriving and being sent each day, it is important that an organization has a structured approach to stay on top of incoming and outgoing emails. Lost or overlooked emails can prove to be expensive. Imagine missing an important email from a prospective client amidst the clutter of other task-related emails [...]