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23 10, 2019

Easy Data Access announces Docsvault Version 12 Release

LINWOOD, NJ, October 23, 2019:  Easy Data Access announces new major release version. This new version 12 promises exciting new features and enhancements. The new version focuses on smart working through a lot of automation features that make work easier and faster. Release Highlights New and improved way to get document signatures from non-Docsvault [...]

26 08, 2017

Docsvault v10.7 update!

After the major release of Docsvault v.10 and subsequently the v10.3 update, we are pleased to announce Docsvault v10.7. This new release comes with many new features, enhancements and fixes. Our development team tirelessly works in our constant endeavor to keep improving the product and give our users the best experience and solutions. Some of [...]

15 09, 2011

Why we felt the need for blogging?

As we didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else, we withheld ourselves from blogging and other social circles for a long time. But we found out even we like connecting with others just like everyone else. Even we want to share our thoughts and be heard and are more than happy to [...]

8 06, 2011

Docvault SB v4.5.0515 released

June 08, 2011 The most awaited sixth update of Docsvault SB is finally here. Version 4.5.0515 from Easy Data Access has a lot of interesting new features, promising enhancements and fixes. So what’s on offer? New manual OCR indexing capabilities Integration with Windows Explorer And much more These two features take scanning and capture to [...]

1 04, 2011

Catch the release of Docvault Pro v4.0.1601

Apr 01, 2011 Announcement from Easy Data Access: We are releasing Docsvault Pro 4.0.1601 So what is this update about? This is update is mainly about a few feature enhancements, updates and bug fixes. To find out what enhancements and updates we are talking about, see What’s new in 4.0.1601

18 03, 2011

New version of Docvault SB released

Mar 18, 2011 We are pleased to announce that we are releasing Docsvault SB 4.0.1517. You can now have continuous page view in PDF editor instead of single page view. You can get confirmation dialog box once files and folders are moved using drag and drop method. We have also improved our search feature. To [...]

4 03, 2011

Maintenance update of Docvault SB has been released

Mar 04, 2011 Sorry for taking so much time to update but we were busy in fixing bugs and making minor changes to Docsvault SB. Our new version Docsvault SB 4.0.1503 promises to run smoother and better. For a full and detailed list, see What’s new in 4.0.1503?

31 12, 2010

It’s happening: Announcing the successful release of Docsvault Pro v4.0

Dec 31, 2010 Finally it is here! The most awaited release for solo users. Some of the exciting new features and enhancements on offer are: • Docsvault now uses the robust and scalable SQL Server 2008 express • Increase in files and folders listing speed improved drastically • New custom templates platform to save time [...]