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You Asked for It, You Got It

We are very serious about how our customers feel about Docsvault. That’s why we constantly evaluate their feedback and suggestions and strive to make Docsvault a better document management system with their input. Sometime last year, we asked you all what new features would you like to see in Docsvault and the unanimous reply was [...]

How to Control Document Versions in Docsvault?

How many times have you found files like Presentation_v1, Presentation-v1.1, Presentation-Final, Presentation _final edited, Presentation_final _copy and so on? Ad-hoc document management policies often lead to such problems. People are lax in naming files and even more lax when naming file versions. Docsvault document management software offers version control feature so you can have all [...]

Windows Integration & Windows-like Interface

Docsvault performs quite like Windows Explorer and its looks and functionalities are very similar to that of Windows Explorer. It features simple drag &drop and copy & paste functionality for copying, moving and importing files and folders that all Windows users are quite familiar with. Integration with Windows Explorer Save & Open dialogs allows user [...]

How can Docsvault’s Search Feature help you Save Money?

Docsvault’s fine-grained search not only makes work simpler but also helps you save money. It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but it is really possible to save money in a lot of ways when you adopt a systematic work approach with document management system in your organization. Let’s take following statistics to understand the [...]