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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance with Docsvault?

One of the prerequisites of HIPAA is to ensure privacy and security of all patient records. Document management software can help healthcare organizations to comply with HIPAA regulations by fulfilling this prerequisite. Let’s understand how. The two most controversial sections of this regulation are 1) Disclosure of patient’s private information and 2) Breach of patient [...]

How to Simplify Document Tasks with Docsvault?

Do you still use the traditional method of assigning tasks via email or chat? Though one of the oldest and most conventional method of collaboration, this is a faulty method with lots of drawbacks. Some of them are difficulty in keeping track of workflow, emails often lost amongst the bulk of other communication, failure [...]

How to Use Personal Task Feature Effectively?

'Call client 5 pm tomorrow’ Have you ever scribbled something like this on a notepad and wondered later what you meant by that note? Most people have the habit of sticking hasty notes or making entries in diary planners about things to do. These notes are often unintelligible and they have a way to appear [...]

Electronic Filing System

How to Store Files in Document Management Software System? Good File Structuring Policy V/s Bad File Structuring Policy A bad filing structure means your employees have to spend a lot of time reaching the right documents and if a standard practice is not followed, the result is ad-hoc document storage which leads to confusion, [...]

How to Name Files in Docsvault?

Do you have a hard time searching for files in Docsvault? Do you use dates or numbers in file names? Do you remember these numbers and dates after a couple of months? We thought so. One of the most frustrating and time-consuming part of a job is finding documents. Though document management software helps people [...]