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26 08, 2017

Docsvault v10.7 update!

After the major release of Docsvault v.10 and subsequently the v10.3 update, we are pleased to announce Docsvault v10.7. This new release comes with many new features, enhancements and fixes. Our development team tirelessly works in our constant endeavor to keep improving the product and give our users the best experience and solutions. Some of [...]

15 05, 2012

How to Control Document Versions in Docsvault?

How many times have you found files like Presentation_v1, Presentation-v1.1, Presentation-Final, Presentation _final edited, Presentation_final _copy and so on? Ad-hoc document management policies often lead to such problems. People are lax in naming files and even more lax when naming file versions. Docsvault document management software offers version control feature so you can have all [...]

13 03, 2012

Windows Integration & Windows-like Interface

Docsvault performs quite like Windows Explorer and its looks and functionalities are very similar to that of Windows Explorer. It features simple drag &drop and copy & paste functionality for copying, moving and importing files and folders that all Windows users are quite familiar with. Integration with Windows Explorer Save & Open dialogs allows user [...]