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How can Docsvault help me in Workflow Automation?

Docsvault is an on-premises DMS solution.  It combines document management system and workflow management capabilities into one solution and can be scaled to meet your simple or complex document-centric workflow procedures without any coding. Your team can access documents for reviews and approvals from anywhere and on any device.    

What Are Some Examples of Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation finds extensive use across industries. Here are some examples: Accounts Payable Invoice Workflows Human Resource Workflows Quality Assurance workflows Review and Approval Workflow For more information, see Document Workflow Automation Examples

What is the benefit of workflow automation in a document management system?

Document management system enables you to streamline paper and electronic documents into a centralized, searchable, secure digital repository.  Workflow automation can be used to accelerate the cross-enterprise business process by routing electronic documents between decision-makers. Your team can access documents for reviews and approvals from anywhere and on any device.  Automated workflows save a [...]

What is Document Workflow Management?

Document Workflow Management is a system that helps an organization to design, execute, and automate various business processes where tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. It also allows you to view process and performance metrics to assess whether a process requires improvement or acceleration.